R Taylor Ward


R Taylor Ward

Welcome to my ‘Ak-cra’ Blog

R Taylor Ward is a Brisbane based author of Young Adult fiction and an exciting literary find for anyone who cares about the future of our planet.

‘Ak-cra’- Publishing in December 2013

The race for survival has begun.

The countdown to annihilation is underway.

Will humanity destroy Ak-cra?

The apocalypse is rushing towards Ak-cra at an unrelenting pace.

When it arrives it will mean death to the millions who inhabit this ocean world.

Hidden, safe and undiscovered, for more than a thousand years, now their very existence is being threatened by a species of humanoids far inferior to their own.

The Earth is warming, her resources are being depleted, and Ak-cra – a world under her oceans – is facing annihilation.

Can two sixteeen year-olds, the hybrid children of one Ak-carian and one human parent, travel to the surface of the Earth and save their ocean home?

Join Cerr and Sena as they first prove their worthiness on Ak-cra in a dangerous quest to harness the powers of the mystical Wisdom of the Eons. Before they embark on a near impossible journey to the Earth’s surface where they face a life and death struggle to combat global warming.

Little do Cerr and Sena realise that before they can save Ak-cra they’ll have to save themselves!

“This is a story for all ages. It’s an adventure, complete with magic and mystery, that takes the reader on a journey of survival of a people and of a planet. This is a spellbinding read that addresses one of the greatest challenges facing humanity in the 21st century: global warming. ‘Ak-cra’ wil get children and adults alike talking about the future of our planet.” 


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Snail Mail: PO Box 123, Wavell Heights, Queensland, Australia 4012


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