‘Ak-cra’ – book 2 teaser: Above The Great Water #akcra #rtaylorward

Is the impossible ever possible? For Ak-cra it has to be—for success ensures their survival and failure their extinction.

Mankind’s unquenchable need for the planet’s resources is threatening Ak-cra’s survival.

Global warming is damaging the Dijarian Shield that has kept the crushing weight of the Great Water at bay for more than a thousand years. Now, millions of Ak-carians face annihilation if the shield breaks and the waters come flooding in.

Can Cerr and Sena stop global warming and help reverse the climatic changes that threaten Ak-cra’s existence? It’s an almost impossible quest made more difficult as they cannot reveal who they are. The risk is too great! Ak-carian technology is so advanced that if it fell into Ovalander (human) hands it would have cataclysmic consequences for the entire planet.

Major Alistair Daniels is a hunter. The best the US government has. He’s never once failed to find his quarry and deliver it to Uncle Sam and now he is tracking the most important discovery in the history of mankind. A UFO was briefly spotted in the infamous Bermuda Triangle and Major Daniels is going to hunt it down.

Little do Cerr and Sena know that Major Daniels has them in his sights and before they can save Ak-cra they’ll have to save themselves!

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