‘Ak-cra’ is divided into book 1 and 2: here is a teaser for book 1

Hidden, safe and undiscovered, for over a millennia.

Ak-cra: an advanced alien civilisation whose very existence is being threatened by mankind;  a species of humanoids far inferior to their own.

The Earth is warming, her resources are being depleted, and Ak-cra—a world under her oceans—is facing annihilation.

Can two sixteen-year-olds, the hybrid children of one Ak-carian and one human, travel to the surface of the Earth to the world of the Ovalanders (mankind) and save their ocean home?

Join Cerr and Sena as they prove their worthiness on Ak-cra in a dangerous quest to find the powers of the mystical Wisdom of the Eons before embarking on a near impossible journey to the planet’s surface where they will face a life and death struggle to combat global warming.


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