Time, I need more time, someone give me more time :)

Have received the first version of Ak-cra back from Book Cover Cafe for my manuscript conversion into print suitable format.

Have to read (etc) this week-end and get it back to BCC by Monday.

Ruh Roh!

I had promised to spend time with the girls this week-end (since I worked ‘my day job’ last week-end). Looks like I’ll have to do some creative ‘jiggling’ of time so that I manage to do both (and, please don’t ask me HOW I’m going to do that. I’m not sure myself).

Getting very excited ……..publication date is getting closer and closer all the time.

Very soon …………all the hard work will be over and Ak-cra will be available (and I will be one ‘happy little vegemite’ :). And if you are not an Australian that quote will make no sense to you at all – sorry).

cheers, better fly and get stuck into it.

Thanks for dropping by





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