2013 -l’ve blinked and missed it! #rtaylorward #akcra #RTW #YA #YALit



Chapter One teaser: Save Ak-cra from humanity and #globalwarming #rtayloward #akcra

Here’s another teaser for you

Chapter One and Cerr is learning about Ak-cra’s fate

Storm clouds building over Ak-cra

Storm clouds building over Ak-cra

Join Cerr as he hears about the damage global warming is doing to Ak-cra
Join Cerr as he hears about the damage global warming is doing to Ak-cra


Ak-cra ch 14 teaser: Being followed, and having no idea #akcra #rtaylorward #RTW #YALit

Here’s another teaser for you.

This time from Chapter 14: Major Alistair Daniels (or MAD as I like to refer to him).

Every good story needs a good villain.


ch 14 teaser: MAD





The pull of the ocean can be hard to resist when you’re a creature of the Great Water #akcra #rtaylorward #RTW #YAlit

Ch 15 teaser : Cerr unable to resist the pull of the oceaan Surf's up! Kangaroo style!


Chapter 15 teaser: Cerr, having been on the surface of the Earth for many weeks is finally unable to withstand the magnetic pull of the ocean.

PS: for all my non-Australian blogsters …….kangaroos and the surf …..pretty rare occurrence 🙂

4 joeys, 1 branch & loads of yummy leaves …what could possibly go wrong? #akcra #rtaylorward #RTW



They have about as much energy as I can muster at the moment !


These little guys even look cute when they ‘fight’.

Keep an ‘eye’ out for mention of ‘Kira the Koala’ in Ak-cra.

“No Tree, No Me” …. visit the Australia Koala Foundation at https://www.savethekoala.com/

After a hectic Christmas, I can totally relate to this cute guy #akcra #rtaylorward #RTW #YA #YAlit

Ohhhhh….. I can relate to this cute guy

Hoping you had a sensational Christmas Day.

Me…… I enjoyed some quality time with my family. My girls got ‘loads of pressies’ and declared this the ‘best Christmas ever’ (but I hazard a guess that all kids utter those words!).

So …thank you Santa for visiting our family.

I also worked throughout the holiday period ………….and as luck would have it ……….it was ridiculously busy, so I am quite exhausted. And just like this cute guy in the picture I’m about ready to curl up and catch some shut eye.

Ak-cra publication update: still waiting for my author profile (etc) to be finalised with some international companies, so I just have to be patient and wait (*heavy sigh* …. it is hard to be patient). I promise, it is getting closer and Ak-cra will definitely be available in January 2014.

Cheers and enjoy your week-end

R Taylor Ward

REMEMBER: No Tree, No Me …… Save The Koala. Visit the Australian Koala Foundation





2.5 hours to Christmas Day ….. and my children are refusing to go to sleep #tooexcited #akcra #rtaylorward



Anyone else having trouble getting the kids off to sleep?