Ak-cra: if you were creating a species of humanoids …………what would you do :)


What would they look like?

What abilities or powers would they have?

Ak-carians live under the ocean (but not in the water), come from a distant planet and are humanoids.

Cerr and Sena are sent to the surface of the Earth in their quest to combat global warming and stop mankind for destroying Ak-cra …………..so they have to ‘fit-in’ whilst at the same time ‘stand-out’ to anyone who looks closely enough.

After a 1000 years of living under the ocean have Ak-carians developed any special abilities?

All these questions answered soon …………Ak-cra due out in mid December 2013.

Send me a message and tell me what powers or abilities you think Ak-carians should have. Maybe I’ll include them in book 3 (which is due out in Early 2015)






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