Can we make 100 facebook ‘likes’ before Ak-cra’s publication date? #rtaylorward #akcra #globalwarming #YALit

Chasing 100 facebook likes before Ak-cra’s publication date.

A challenge I know …… but hey, if each person asks one other to ‘like’ my facebook page …… then the numbers will take care of themselves 🙂

All the animals featured in this little ‘album’ also feature in Ak-cra. They also, sadly, feature on conservation lists for vulnerable/threatened (etc) species.

And yes………you did (only yesterday) see my favourite turtle (Startle) and koala (Whadda) on my blog. But every time I see them they make me smile, and you can never have too many smiles.

So – if you’re feeling so inclined – – please like my facebook page and help me get to 100 likes before publication date (which is mid December …………….)





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