“So near & yet so far” – immortal words I have come to know intimately #rtaylorward #akcra #YAlit #globalwarming #YA

Thought it was time for a publishing update (even though I still don’t have a …..’YES, YES, YES’ we can finally hit the PRINT button …..a publishing date for Ak-cra).

The covers have been tweaked and the black and colour ratio’s have been reduced so that they fit within ‘ink publishling’ requirements / guidelines.

The covers have been submitted to Lightening Source (LSi is my on-line printer) and I am waiting *with baited breath* to hear back from them. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

ONCE LSi say the cover is acceptable I will be able to have a printed hard copy of Ak-cra sent to me for final proofing ……….which I shall speed read!.

THEN – we will be good to go and Ak-cra will be available for digital download on Amazon.com or Print of Demand (again via Amazon).

I will also have a ‘truck’ load of hard copies — ready for a quick autograph – and shipping out to those who like to read a personalised book.

Ak-cra will also be available in selected independent bookstores with ‘Team Ak-cra‘ in Cairns doing a great job with possibly two local stores wanting to stock Ak-cra. I may have to make a trip to Far North Queensland – somewhere we tend to go every year on holidays, as it is so beautiful- so no hardship having to fly up to Cairns for a day or two.

My Ak-cra banner has arrived …. and it looks pretty cool (see middle image…. and yes, I have ‘played’ with the image so the colours are not reflective of how the banner actually looks :).


Talk again soon ….. and hopefully (cue to a picture of me with every digit and limb crossed) I will be able to say that Ak-cra is GOOD TO GO ! ! 

As always, take care and look after the ones you love.



“And so are the Days of My Life”….my Ak-cra publishing soap opera continues #akcra #rtaylorward

When is black too black?

It seems when it comes to printing …….. anything over 240% is too black.

Ak-cra’s sensational covers are still being tweaked …. to get the ‘blackness’ down from 300% to 240%.

It’s all got to do with the ‘ink’ apparently.

*insert heavy sigh and a tear drop sliding slowly down my cheek*….and CUE the VIOLIN MUSIC coz I am feeling very sad and sorry for myself at the moment.

The finish line has been insight for so long now it is driving me crazy ! ! ! !

Alright …. rant over.

Onto more pleasant things ….. more Ak-cra promotional ‘stuff’ arrived today – which brought a smile to my dial and a lift to my spirits.

Hopefully my next update will be to say that a printed ‘proof’ copy of Ak-cra is on its way.

Cheers Ak-cra promotional stuff

A 'fun' poster


AK-CRA poster sandRtw





Ak-cra …will be with us soon, very, very soon. Meanwhile promo T’s have arrived

Visit my facebook site and check out the promotional t-shirts that have arrived


Now ………..if only ‘Ak-cra’ could hurry up and be published ……

I promise you …………it will happen soon.

‘Ak-cra’ will be available from Amazon.com in the near future (both in digital format and epub).

I will also have print copies (autographed off course) available to be shipped to you.

cheers (and thanks for your patience)