Ak-cra: * Imagine * Inspire * Change #globalwarming #endenxtinction #rtaylorward #conservation #YALit #akcra

Albert Einstein: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

From my ‘author’s note’ at the beginning of Ak-cra

Ak-cra is a work of fiction; however, many of the key concepts are based on reality in the context of a world where entire species are lost forever and others cling perilously to survival before slipping from endangered to extinct. We, collectively and as individuals, have a say in the loss of these species.

Our actions have consequences for the planet and the creatures that share it with us—this is what Ak-cra aims to explore.

I am not a scientist and have no formal intellectual basis to be discussing the issues or merits of the global warming and climate change debate. But what I do have is the power of the pen, the power of imagination and storytelling, and hopefully the ability to inspire my readers to start thinking about the future of our planet.

From thought springs desire and my hope for Ak-cra is that its readers are inspired to embark on a quest for knowledge and a determination to find answers and solutions.


AK-CRA:             *IMAGINE            *INSPIRE           *CHANGE



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