You can’t beat a hot bath and a good book #akcra #rtaylorward

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Have sold a lot of books during the first week that Ak-cra has been available in paperback.

Loads of people are coming up to me, or emailing / texting ….. and I can tell you now…..there is nothing more gratifying, or exciting, than seeing the smile on someone’s face, and the animation in their voice, as they tell you ‘where they are at’ in the story, and discuss characters and plot lines with you.

They are truly engaged with the story and I am enjoying it immensely.

Thank you to everyone, from the bottom of my heart.


I’m stoked with the feedback.



No Tree:No Me ….. a super simple message @Akcra

The humble ecualyptus tree is an ‘all in one’ for the koala:-  food, home, shelter, protection.

There is nothing else – They have no other choice

No Tree: No Me

Visit Australian Koala Foundation at

Kennedy and Kassidy Koala with very sad faces as they worry about the future of their speciesPaperArtist_2013-11-02_14-11-02

Understanding why our Earth system is warming – by the CSIRO (September 2013)


Have a listen

Have a think

“The Earth is warming and Ak-cra, a civilisation under her oceans, is facing annihilation”

Ak-cra: “It’ll get kids talking about our planet’s life” RTW