Ak-cra teaser: opening par, chapter 10 Monsters #akcra #rtaylorward


Come in all shapes and sizes. 

None of us are immune to them.



Ak-cra publication update: still waiting for my Lightening Source profile to be completed. Once that is finalised I should be ready to ‘rock and roll’ with publishing Ak-cra on Amazon.com

However, with Christmas only days away, not sure when everything will be finalised (most probably not until after the Christmas break).

A wise man once said ‘patience is a virtue’.

hmmmmmm……………don’t know if I like wise men.

Take care




Can we make 100 facebook ‘likes’ before Ak-cra’s publication date? #rtaylorward #akcra #globalwarming #YALit

Chasing 100 facebook likes before Ak-cra’s publication date.


A challenge I know …… but hey, if each person asks one other to ‘like’ my facebook page …… then the numbers will take care of themselves ūüôā

All the animals featured in this little ‘album’ also feature in Ak-cra. They also, sadly, feature on conservation lists for vulnerable/threatened (etc) species.

And yes………you did (only yesterday) see my favourite turtle (Startle) and koala (Whadda) on my blog. But every time I see them they make me smile, and you can never have too many smiles.

So – if you’re feeling so inclined – – please like my facebook page and help me get to 100 likes before publication date (which is mid December …………….)




Global warming is a central theme in Ak-cra.

Ak-cra: a novel for all ages. Of adventure, magic and mystery with the survival of a people, and of a planet, at its heart.

A gripping page turner tackling one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Can two alien teenagers make humanity see the damage global warming is doing to the Earth? Can they save their ocean home?

Join me as we ‘take a ride of a lifetime’ with ¬†Cerr and Sena as they face untold danger and¬†limitless adventure both below and above the waves.

Ak-cra is two grand adventures in one. Book One: Below the Great Water ad Book Two: Above the Great Water.

Ak-cra (combined book one and two) Рpublishing mid December 2013 


The environment and conservation feature heavily in Ak-cra

How can a much loved symbol of Australia be on the vulnerable species list (with many arguing their plight is much worse than ‘vulnerable’).

If we can’t save the iconic, the cute, the cuddly, the world famous KOALA, then what animal can we save?

No Tree

No Me

Team Ak-cra Zoombie Flash Mob #rtaylorward #akcra Coming Soon


Starring some of Brisbane’s scariest Zoombie kids (and maybe a grown up Zoombie or two).

Want to be part of Zoombie and Ak-cra history?


AK-CRA flash mob

Send me an email and I’ll give you all the details (it will be North Brisbane and a week-end in mid December).

It’ll be ghoulish fun.

email: akcralanders@gmail.com

‘Nothing is as it should be’, as Cerr & Sena soon discover. #akcra #rtaylorward #RTW

Ak-cra …. a book of mystery, magic and adventure.¬†

Just like this very cute pic I found on Instagram 


“Nothing is as it should be.”

Something Cerr and Sena find out when searching for the ‘Wisdom of the Eons’. Just ask The Living Chair!