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‘Ak-cra’: The Dead Lands’ – coming 2015 ….the journey continues

‘Ak-cra: The Dead Lands’ ……coming 2015

Extinction: is now in the hands of Major Alistair Daniels!

The race for survival just went off the scale!

ITW DL Twitter 1
 With an elite US military ‘retrieval team’ despatched to capture Cerr, Sena and Bekcha, how can they hope to save Ak-cra, when saving themselves might just be impossible….

From the beaches of Maui to the depths of the Chillagoe caves, the journey continues.

Dead Lands Shell Picture

‘Ak-cra: The Dead Lands’ coming 2015

ITW DL Twitter 2 “They’re coming……RUN!”

Paperback versions of Ak-cra have arrived #rtaylorward #akcra #YALIT #scifi #globalwarming

Ak-cra has arrived 2 ……..THEY …………HAVE……….ARRIVED

Ak-cra has arrived 4 (1)………………………Up half the night filling back orders and autographing each and every copy





Email me at              if you would like an autographed copy.

Ak-cra – publication is just around the corner #akcra #rtaylorward #ya #yalit #selfpub #indie

Ak-cra Publication Update:

Final approved version is going to Lightning Source so that we can begin distribution and printing !!!!

Ak-cra will soon be available for digital download or hard copy purchase (oh, thank the lords).

Promo materials are ready and the Moet’s on ice (it’s been on ice for so long ….it’ll be able to be used for ‘carbon dating’!).

stayed tuned


Ak-cra so close

“So near & yet so far” – immortal words I have come to know intimately #rtaylorward #akcra #YAlit #globalwarming #YA

Thought it was time for a publishing update (even though I still don’t have a …..’YES, YES, YES’ we can finally hit the PRINT button …..a publishing date for Ak-cra).

The covers have been tweaked and the black and colour ratio’s have been reduced so that they fit within ‘ink publishling’ requirements / guidelines.

The covers have been submitted to Lightening Source (LSi is my on-line printer) and I am waiting *with baited breath* to hear back from them. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

ONCE LSi say the cover is acceptable I will be able to have a printed hard copy of Ak-cra sent to me for final proofing ……….which I shall speed read!.

THEN – we will be good to go and Ak-cra will be available for digital download on or Print of Demand (again via Amazon).

I will also have a ‘truck’ load of hard copies — ready for a quick autograph – and shipping out to those who like to read a personalised book.

Ak-cra will also be available in selected independent bookstores with ‘Team Ak-cra‘ in Cairns doing a great job with possibly two local stores wanting to stock Ak-cra. I may have to make a trip to Far North Queensland – somewhere we tend to go every year on holidays, as it is so beautiful- so no hardship having to fly up to Cairns for a day or two.

My Ak-cra banner has arrived …. and it looks pretty cool (see middle image…. and yes, I have ‘played’ with the image so the colours are not reflective of how the banner actually looks :).


Talk again soon ….. and hopefully (cue to a picture of me with every digit and limb crossed) I will be able to say that Ak-cra is GOOD TO GO ! ! 

As always, take care and look after the ones you love.


“And so are the Days of My Life”….my Ak-cra publishing soap opera continues #akcra #rtaylorward

When is black too black?

It seems when it comes to printing …….. anything over 240% is too black.

Ak-cra’s sensational covers are still being tweaked …. to get the ‘blackness’ down from 300% to 240%.

It’s all got to do with the ‘ink’ apparently.

*insert heavy sigh and a tear drop sliding slowly down my cheek*….and CUE the VIOLIN MUSIC coz I am feeling very sad and sorry for myself at the moment.

The finish line has been insight for so long now it is driving me crazy ! ! ! !

Alright …. rant over.

Onto more pleasant things ….. more Ak-cra promotional ‘stuff’ arrived today – which brought a smile to my dial and a lift to my spirits.

Hopefully my next update will be to say that a printed ‘proof’ copy of Ak-cra is on its way.

Cheers Ak-cra promotional stuff

A 'fun' poster


AK-CRA poster sandRtw





Ak-cra …will be with us soon, very, very soon. Meanwhile promo T’s have arrived

Visit my facebook site and check out the promotional t-shirts that have arrived


Now ………..if only ‘Ak-cra’ could hurry up and be published ……

I promise you …………it will happen soon.

‘Ak-cra’ will be available from in the near future (both in digital format and epub).

I will also have print copies (autographed off course) available to be shipped to you.

cheers (and thanks for your patience)