“Look Ma, I’m travelling the world!” Ak-cra on holidays. #akcra #rtaylorward #YA #globalwarming

“Look Ma. I’m travelling the WORLD!”

Ak-cra in Thailand

Thank you to Kim and John who sent me a photo of ‘my baby’ in Thailand.

John poolside reading ‘Ak-cra’ at the Veranda Resort and Spa Hua Hin Cha Am – MGallery Collection, Thailand


Paperback versions of Ak-cra have arrived #rtaylorward #akcra #YALIT #scifi #globalwarming

Ak-cra has arrived 2 ……..THEY …………HAVE……….ARRIVED

Ak-cra has arrived 4 (1)………………………Up half the night filling back orders and autographing each and every copy





Email me at            akcralanders@gmail.com            if you would like an autographed copy.

Time has no master. #rtaylorward #akcra #YALit #YA #globalwarming



AK-CRA chapter 6: Destiny


“Time has no master, it is uncaring and unforgiving”

Or so it seems to 16-year-old Cerr who has been thrust into the role of savior.

And he’s not ready but ‘time’ refuses to wait for him.

His success equals Ak-cra’s survival …………his failure, her total destruction and annihilation.

Can Ak-cra be saved? Can Cerr be her savior?

Or will humanity and global warming destroy this ancient alien race?

Ak-cra available soon on Amazon.

4 joeys, 1 branch & loads of yummy leaves …what could possibly go wrong? #akcra #rtaylorward #RTW



They have about as much energy as I can muster at the moment !


These little guys even look cute when they ‘fight’.

Keep an ‘eye’ out for mention of ‘Kira the Koala’ in Ak-cra.

“No Tree, No Me” …. visit the Australia Koala Foundation at https://www.savethekoala.com/

Global warming is a central theme in Ak-cra.

Ak-cra: a novel for all ages. Of adventure, magic and mystery with the survival of a people, and of a planet, at its heart.

A gripping page turner tackling one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Can two alien teenagers make humanity see the damage global warming is doing to the Earth? Can they save their ocean home?

Join me as we ‘take a ride of a lifetime’ with  Cerr and Sena as they face untold danger and limitless adventure both below and above the waves.

Ak-cra is two grand adventures in one. Book One: Below the Great Water ad Book Two: Above the Great Water.

Ak-cra (combined book one and two) – publishing mid December 2013 


Ak-cra: Prelude teaser. Getting closer to pub date #rtaylorward #akcra #YAlit #globalwarming

“The world around me continued on as it did every day; my problems seeming minuscule in the broader scheme of the universe. The cycle of life ebbed and flowed, giving and taking as it has always done. I was caught up in a titanic struggle between life and death, one that all living entities must play, and I was no exception.”


Getting closer to publication date ! !

Stay tuned 🙂

Team Ak-cra Zoombie Flash Mob #rtaylorward #akcra Coming Soon


Starring some of Brisbane’s scariest Zoombie kids (and maybe a grown up Zoombie or two).

Want to be part of Zoombie and Ak-cra history?


AK-CRA flash mob

Send me an email and I’ll give you all the details (it will be North Brisbane and a week-end in mid December).

It’ll be ghoulish fun.

email: akcralanders@gmail.com