What will we see in the next 10 years? #akcra #rtaylorward #savethekoala

I live in South East Queensland.

It is a wonderful place to live, and to raise a family.

I cannot believe that our on-going apathy will likely see the koala gone from South East Queensland within 10 years.

GONE …..is too easy and too simple a term.

GONE….. equals death, annihilation and extinction to the current koala population in South East Queensland…….. thousands of these beautiful animals ‘gone’.

Visit the Australian Koala Foundation web site to see what you can do to help ‘Save The Koala’


To quote a well know Australian tennis star

“Come On” 

WE CAN DO THIS ……………… we can Save the Koala




No Tree:No Me ….. a super simple message @Akcra

The humble ecualyptus tree is an ‘all in one’ for the koala:-  food, home, shelter, protection.

There is nothing else – They have no other choice

No Tree: No Me

Visit Australian Koala Foundation at https://www.savethekoala.com/

Kennedy and Kassidy Koala with very sad faces as they worry about the future of their speciesPaperArtist_2013-11-02_14-11-02