‘Ak-cra’: The Dead Lands’ – coming 2015 ….the journey continues

‘Ak-cra: The Dead Lands’ ……coming 2015

Extinction: is now in the hands of Major Alistair Daniels!

The race for survival just went off the scale!

ITW DL Twitter 1
¬†With an elite US military ‘retrieval team’ despatched to capture Cerr, Sena and Bekcha, how can they hope to save Ak-cra, when saving themselves might just be impossible….

From the beaches of Maui to the depths of the Chillagoe caves, the journey continues.

Dead Lands Shell Picture

‘Ak-cra: The Dead Lands’ coming 2015

ITW DL Twitter 2¬†“They’re coming……RUN!”

Don’t know how to fill in the next 10 minutes or so? Take a look at this. #rtaylorward #akcra #YALit


Although the wait for ‘Ak-cra’ is nearly over with a publication date ‘visible on the horizon’ I thought you might like to read some more facts and teasers.

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