‘Ak-cra’: The Dead Lands’ – coming 2015 ….the journey continues

‘Ak-cra: The Dead Lands’ ……coming 2015

Extinction: is now in the hands of Major Alistair Daniels!

The race for survival just went off the scale!

ITW DL Twitter 1
 With an elite US military ‘retrieval team’ despatched to capture Cerr, Sena and Bekcha, how can they hope to save Ak-cra, when saving themselves might just be impossible….

From the beaches of Maui to the depths of the Chillagoe caves, the journey continues.

Dead Lands Shell Picture

‘Ak-cra: The Dead Lands’ coming 2015

ITW DL Twitter 2 “They’re coming……RUN!”

Magic exists everywhere, even in Amazon reviews #akcra #rtaylorward #YA #globalwarming #indie #climatechange

MAGIC …. Now you see them, now you don’t.


For some ‘very, very, very strange reason’ sometimes I see my reviews on Amazon and sometimes they ‘just disappear’ only to ‘re-appear’ at a later stage ………

Here is the latest reviews I could find. A big thank you to Ron Merrin and Kim ….. and YES, definitely a sequel coming.

And please, keep the reviews coming too. 

5.0 out of 5 stars     Fabulous       10 August 2014

By Ron Merrin –
This review is from: AK-CRA: (Kindle Edition)

I enjoyed the book immensely. A great storyline with the characters being refreshingly aware of global issues that confront us all. The Kindle version is excellent value for money. There has to be a sequel!

5.0 out of 5 stars      R Taylor Ward knows the meaning of “Cliff-hanger”!               5 August 2014

By Kim 

This review is from: AK-CRA: (Kindle Edition)

R Taylor Ward knows the meaning of “Cliff-hanger”! I was just getting into this book when it ended in serious suspense! I can’t wait to find out what will happen next! The world of Ak-cra is cleverly crafted and different to any other underwater world I’ve ever read about before. I love how bits and pieces of the civilisation are revealed throughout the story. The characters are strong and quirky like the CE Trio LOVE THEM! This is a great book to read with kids. My 9yo daughter loved the book specially the idea of aliens living in the ocean. It also sparked a conversation about climate change.


Paperback versions of Ak-cra have arrived #rtaylorward #akcra #YALIT #scifi #globalwarming

Ak-cra has arrived 2 ……..THEY …………HAVE……….ARRIVED

Ak-cra has arrived 4 (1)………………………Up half the night filling back orders and autographing each and every copy





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What’s in a name? All the characters in #Akcra have special meaning

What’s in a name?

All the characters in #Akcra have special meanings for me (either family or friends).

The great advantage of writing your own work 🙂

‘Ak-cra’ is divided into book 1 and 2: here is a teaser for book 1

Hidden, safe and undiscovered, for over a millennia.

Ak-cra: an advanced alien civilisation whose very existence is being threatened by mankind;  a species of humanoids far inferior to their own.

The Earth is warming, her resources are being depleted, and Ak-cra—a world under her oceans—is facing annihilation.

Can two sixteen-year-olds, the hybrid children of one Ak-carian and one human, travel to the surface of the Earth to the world of the Ovalanders (mankind) and save their ocean home?

Join Cerr and Sena as they prove their worthiness on Ak-cra in a dangerous quest to find the powers of the mystical Wisdom of the Eons before embarking on a near impossible journey to the planet’s surface where they will face a life and death struggle to combat global warming.

Ak-cra is now with @Bookcovercafe for digital & print conversions

No Tree:No Me ….. a super simple message @Akcra

The humble ecualyptus tree is an ‘all in one’ for the koala:-  food, home, shelter, protection.

There is nothing else – They have no other choice

No Tree: No Me

Visit Australian Koala Foundation at https://www.savethekoala.com/

Kennedy and Kassidy Koala with very sad faces as they worry about the future of their speciesPaperArtist_2013-11-02_14-11-02