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“And so are the Days of My Life”….my Ak-cra publishing soap opera continues #akcra #rtaylorward

When is black too black?

It seems when it comes to printing …….. anything over 240% is too black.

Ak-cra’s sensational covers are still being tweaked …. to get the ‘blackness’ down from 300% to 240%.

It’s all got to do with the ‘ink’ apparently.

*insert heavy sigh and a tear drop sliding slowly down my cheek*….and CUE the VIOLIN MUSIC coz I am feeling very sad and sorry for myself at the moment.

The finish line has been insight for so long now it is driving me crazy ! ! ! !

Alright …. rant over.

Onto more pleasant things ….. more Ak-cra promotional ‘stuff’ arrived today – which brought a smile to my dial and a lift to my spirits.

Hopefully my next update will be to say that a printed ‘proof’ copy of Ak-cra is on its way.

Cheers Ak-cra promotional stuff

A 'fun' poster


AK-CRA poster sandRtw





Ak-cra update: “And so….are the Days of Our Lives”…..I feel like I’m caught up in a publishing soap opera #akcra #rtaylorward



Man, the Gods are certainly playing with me.

FINALLY….. after many weeks of (*little cough*) patient waiting my publisher profile has been setup and approved — and cyberspace and I are finally in sync.


Or at least I thought so.

This is where the Universe comes into play

I’ve just found out that Ak-cra’s sensational cover has too much black in it (***WHHHHHAAAAATTTTTT*****) and will need to be revamped.

INSERT very big SIGH …. from both @Sally Jelbert and myself (okay, okay …..INSERT lots of swearing and screaming).

ALL THIS MEANS ……… is more ‘patience’ will be required on my behalf (and yours) before we can hit the publish button.

Poor Sally is working furiously trying to sort it out (and I thank her enormously for all the talent, effort and hard yakka she has brought to this project).

So… my little friend below…… we’ll have to put our heads back, chill out and ‘wait a wee bit longer’.

To those that haven’t read Ak-cra (in manuscript format)….. I promise you the wait will be worth it…..and thanks for sticking with me.

To my beta-readers ………. believe it or not, you will soon have a hard copy in your hot little hands.

Layback koala


Ak-cra Update: You’ve heard of The Hunger Games? I’m playing The Waiting Games #rtaylorward #akcra #globalwarming #YA


Not much has changed, except for the date, since my last Ak-cra update.

2014 is marching on……. we’re already 15 days into the new year and still no word when Mr Cyberspace will get around to pushing the ‘GO’ button on Ak-cra.

There is zero I can do but wait ……………. as has been the case for the past month or longer ………..   😦

Thought you might like to take a look at Ak-cra’s completed cover (thanks again to the very talented Sally Jelbert for her cover design, and the incredible photo by Patrick Hoesly)

Final wrap around cover in jpeg


PS…… must warn you though …… I don’t have the greatest voice!

Don’t know how to fill in the next 10 minutes or so? Take a look at this. #rtaylorward #akcra #YALit

Although the wait for ‘Ak-cra’ is nearly over with a publication date ‘visible on the horizon’ I thought you might like to read some more facts and teasers.

Visit my Pinterest site for a ‘board’ full of Ak-cra teasers.



Pinterest - Ak-cra teaser board

Chapter One teaser: Save Ak-cra from humanity and #globalwarming #rtayloward #akcra

Here’s another teaser for you

Chapter One and Cerr is learning about Ak-cra’s fate

Storm clouds building over Ak-cra

Storm clouds building over Ak-cra

Join Cerr as he hears about the damage global warming is doing to Ak-cra
Join Cerr as he hears about the damage global warming is doing to Ak-cra


4 joeys, 1 branch & loads of yummy leaves …what could possibly go wrong? #akcra #rtaylorward #RTW


They have about as much energy as I can muster at the moment !


These little guys even look cute when they ‘fight’.

Keep an ‘eye’ out for mention of ‘Kira the Koala’ in Ak-cra.

“No Tree, No Me” …. visit the Australia Koala Foundation at